Friday 25.12.2020
Published24 12 2020, 17:00
Danger level
Avalanche Problem
Wind-drifted snow


New snow


New snow and wind slabs require caution.
As a consequence of new snow and strong wind dry snow slides and avalanches are possible as the day progresses, but they can reach medium size in some cases. The fresh wind slabs will form in particular adjacent to ridgelines and in gullies and bowls. Wind slabs can be released easily and reach medium size.
Over a wide area 15 cm of snow, and even more in some localities, will fall above approximately 2000 m. The new snow of Christmas Day will be deposited on a crust in all aspects and in all altitude zones. The northerly wind will transport the new snow significantly. The snowpack will become unstable in particular on wind-loaded slopes. Backcountry touring and other off-piste activities call for defensive route selection.
As a consequence of the strong northeasterly wind the prevalence and size of the avalanche prone locations will increase. As a consequence of rising temperatures, solar radiation and the strong northeasterly wind, a precarious avalanche situation will develop on Boxing Day.